About Us

About Us

What is howiwander?

HowIWander are is dedicated to all those who are bitten by an adventurous spirit; love travelling and exploring and believe that there is no destination that is far or near. Our offerings are for all the voyagers who believe age is just a number; gender is not an obstacle to travel far and wide and when the spirit of exploring takes over, nothing can stop them!
To all wayfarers, at home and abroad,
To all votaries who leave no stone unturned,
highlander, or lowlander.
We welcome you all in high spirits of travel and exploration and towards our new bond.

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our team

PARV UPADHYAYA founder - howiwander

Parv upadhyaya


I choose to travel to places on my motorbike. I felt that was the best way to travel if you really want to enjoy every bit of what nature offers you.It is not the destination but the journey that excites me. The feel of fresh air on your face, the feel of trees you pass by, the feel of sunshine and sometime the feel of winter breeze on your face is incomparable. I decided that with the passion to travel coupled with the urge to go and explore unreachable places, I could actually burn out the stress and burden that working in a corporate world put me in. My father served the Army and that provided us a lot of opportunities to travel all over the country. He did influence me tremendously and imbibed the spirit of adventure and travel in me.  Now, travelling is like breathing to me, it makes you understand the world, its people and most of all, yourself much better! 

sahil thakur

(creative head)

I joined howiwander.com as a freelance video editor and Parv’s adventures gave me a serious case of FOMO. Thats how I got into travelling. Exploring the wilderness and learning about the history with a camera pointing towards an experience of a lifetime is truly ecstatic. When I am not guiding the creative strategy for howiwander.com, I am a gamer.

SAHIL THAKUR creative head - howiwnader

siddhant prakash

(dop, social media strategist)

Explorer and a former Sports Management professional and an explorer who always strives to indulge in discovering places lost in sands of time. From living in the jungles of Junga in Himachal to discovering remote temples in Rajasthan, Siddhant owns a keen interest in Indian history and mythology.