This platform is all about travel with the sole belief that one should fill their life with adventures and memories, and not with things. One should have stories to tell, not stuff to show. We aim to take you to the journey where you can explore world through a traveller's perspective. We promise to give you loads of reasons and places to travel to, stories to relate to, and journeys to dream of.

What We Offer?     

Travel blogging website which gives users access to register/login online, post blogs, access to read blogs, post/access pictures/videos, give feedback on content, interact with others members, share own stories/experiences.

About the Founder

I have been travelling to places on my motorbike(Royal Enfield Thunderbird). I have chosen a life of adventure filled with beautiful and scenic places. This helps me stay sane while working in the corporate world. If I could define myself for the oxford dictionary it will only be fair to be called an "explorer" "Parv Upadhyaya- an explorer travelling on his Royal Enfield to every reachable destination" In last 5 years, I have met over number of local people in more than 70 cities and towns, trying over so many local cuisines, covering 50,000- 70,000kms on road approximately, experiencing all the weathers of this beautiful country. It is not all about the destination; it is the journey that excites me the most. As a traveller, it is the travel write ups, stories, Vlogs, itineraries, photographs and videos that keeps me eager to embark on another journey. It makes me keep adding more places, destinations and travel routes to my "Travel Bucket List" How I Wander is a platform created to share my detailed travel stories and know about yours. No one can tell your stories to the world better than you can.. So keep travelling and keep sharing.. "Let's wander where the WiFi is weak"