How I did NOT Travel and survived

How I did NOT Travel and survived

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As some of you know the kind of guy I am, always ready to travel, always ready to explore, always ready to move, however everything changed in March2020, not only for me but for everyone around the world, because someone decided to eat an undercooked bat and the quote “a single person is enough to change the world” became a reality, I personally did not realize how being at home all the time would impact me until I did so starting from March2020, for the first 2 months of lockdown I had the feeling this would end anytime now but then it kept on extending and soon I realized this is going to be a new way of life and things will never be same afterwards.

It was back in December 2019 when I was making my travel plans for 2020, some solo trips as usual and some with friends and I was in no mood to change my plans, my family is also aware about my habits since I’ve been doing it for some time now.

To give you a little bit of idea I had planned a trip to North-east India, Ladakh(places I missed last time) and hopefully Goa (the long awaited plan for a lot of people including me) but here I am sitting in front of my laptop, writing about all those unfinished plans.

My last trip was in January2020 hence it’s been a long time since I’ve gone for a trip, yes this is indeed the longest I’ve lived without travelling and to be honest with you not much changed and also a lot changed too, Yes, at first I was a little sad that I am not able to do what I had planned and what I love the most, however after some time it became normal for me and now I am at the stage where I’ve made my peace with the situation we are in and whenever I feel like travelling or going somewhere I just make a plan inside my head and calm my mind by saying “let this pass” and we shall hit the road soon.

Do I miss travel? Of course.

Do I want to go somewhere? Yes, the list is never ending.

However, despite all the cravings, how I have spent my time in lockdown still cannot be ignored, this is the most time I’ve spent with my family ever since I started working, this is the most time I’ve given to my physical fitness ever since I left college, I’ve just finished reading my fourth book and most of all I’ve saved a lot of money in these 9 months, you can call all these the pros of living in lockdown and moreover the bonus point is we get to tell our grand-children the story of how we lived in lockdown and How we survived a Pandemic “Once upon a time, the whole world was under complete lockdown”.

Even after spending so much time like this my ultimate goal remains to explore and be where I want to be, however I think I will wait a little longer before I can resume my regular explorations, my mind ever so lost, initially I thought we were just wasting time sitting at home doing nothing, no travel, no adventure, however it has changed now, I am still making travel plans and I’m still always searching for something new, something different, even though I am not physically travelling, my mind is always on the quest and this never stops.

Because there’s no lockdown in mind, it is still free to wander.

Stay tuned for the next part where I’ll give you an insight of how I have spent my life in lockdown.

Till we meet again..


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