The alternative to Rann of Kutch – Sambhar Lake(Rajasthan)

The alternative to Rann of Kutch – Sambhar Lake(Rajasthan)

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Just a tank full away from New Delhi: You don’t need Rann of Kutch for the vast plains to test your machines.

It was the winters of 2020 when people started moving out, the fear of COVID-19 was fading out, I also decided to go for a short adventure trip that was pending for a long time, within 2 hours journey from Jaipur (my hometown) is a stunningly beautiful location, at first this might not be the place of your liking, however I am sure you will love this place if you are really someone who loves to explore and find something new.

Even though it is a lake, most of the area is a dried out lake bed which makes it even more interesting to explore and makes it even more beautiful and picturesque.

It is called Sāmbhar Lake which is not more than 80Kms from the capital city Jaipur, Rajasthan and not more than 400Kms from New Delhi, so if you are planning to visit this place, a weekend is more than enough for you to explore this beauty.

Apart from being India’s largest inland salt lake, Sambhar Lake is also the paradise for people of different interests.

Starting from people who wish to test their bikes, this place offers a great landscape with acres of empty space and nothing else in sight, so twist the throttle and see how fast you can go, what record you hit, how much it can take and much more however remember always, safety comes first and there’s nothing more important than you.

Apart from testing your machines, Sambhar lake also offers a great landscape for photographers because of its land and sky combination, night camping is a must if you are a fan of capturing star trail (that’s next on my bucket list for this location), also camping is a super add-on here but do not forget to carry winter wear because this place can get cold even in summer nights.

I visited the lake twice just to make the most out of this pristine location, from riding my bike insanely to trying to cover as much as possible I still feel I should visit the place again.

Just to let you know, apart from offering a vast salt lake bed and empty landscapes, this lake is also home to many migratory birds that travel from Northern Asia and Siberia including the Pink Flamingos, but you will have to be here at the right time to experience those beautiful creatures, this lake is one of the major spots where you can witness migratory birds in India.

This lake is also the one of the major salt producers in India and almost 70% of Rajasthan’s salt comes from Sambhar Lake, in fact this has been in production for over a 100 years, long time ago British Raj even built a Railroad network around the lake for the movement of workers from Sambhar city to the Lake for salt production, these railroad tracks and old train stations can still be seen around the Lake and some of the tracks are even in use till date.

So what are you waiting for, grab your gears and get ready for an amazing experience, make a list of how you want to spend your time at Sambhar Lake and boom, you are in for an adventure of a Lifetime.

Do let us know what you think about this and also if you have anything you want to share, we are all ears.

We will meet again, till then


See you on the road.

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